Buy a Meanie

To Children with Cancer a Meanie is always free but some friends have asked us how they can buy one. You can now buy a "meanie" Remember if you buy a "meanie" you are allowing Michael to continue to give them to the kids at no cost.

Keep in mind we are not a business but a small family working out of our home.
If you have a large order or live near Wheeling or outside of the United States email us and we will work out your order via email. Then you can pay via the Donations button.

All Sales to be evaluated before shipping

Pick the "Meanie" you want and "add to cart", then you can continue shopping and add different "Meanies" to your order when the cart page opens up.


                            Terry "The Terrible" Tumor

                             "Lousy" Louie Leukemia

                                  Lily Lymphoma