June 17th, 2014 Wheeling Island Casino donated $3,500 to the Meanies Project, We want to thank Osi Imomoh and his staff in keeping Michael's dream a reality.

June 13th 2014, WTRF Covered Michael's story about his Meanies being in all 50 States, (link to WTRF's website about this Milestone)

And WTRF's Facebook

         Wheeling Island Casino & Lamar Advertising

On I-70 Westbound Lane near the WV State Line on the right you will see the "Meanies Billboard" We want to thank Wheeling Casino and Lamar Advertising for believing in Michael and his mission.

                                            This Picture taken on May 6th, 2014

And the whole month of March 2014, Wheeling Island Casino had a donation box at the entrance to help support Michael's Meanies


         Wheeling Island Casino and Lamar Advertising

Here is the Billboard installed 2-25-14, As you drive on I-70 wesbound just passed the Mount De Chantal exit to Kroger's you will see it when you make the wide turn

Ready for your close up Michael? now remember this is a 14'x48' Billboard so Michael is 14ft tall :)

Now the Billboard is located in the westbound lane of Interstate 70 about 2 miles from the PA state line

Below is what the Billboard looks like on the computer