Special Moments, Below is a brief description with links to the complete Videos, Articles and Pictures which are on other pages of this website.

August 8th 2013, Here is my Interview on WTOV 9 on August 8th, 2013 about my "3 Meanies"

August 17th 2013
I got a special award for Courage from Ron Green presented at the end of the Debbie Green 5k race, Click the Acceptance Speech to take you to where the video is.

September 6th 2013, We were in New York City and I saw Robin Roberts and Katy Perry
Here's the Videos

October 16th 2013, Wheeling Park High School presented me with a check for $1,800 to go towards making my meanies a reality, There is a video of the event on the WPHS page of this

October 16th and 17th 2013, WTRF TV 7 did a story about WPHS presenting me with the check

October 17th 2013, And Here's our local newspaper with an article about the check presentation

October 24th 2013, WTRF did a story on Michael and his Meanies and the story was on the 5:00, 5:30 (WV state news) 6:00 and 11:00pm News

October 25th 2013, We would like to thank the Steubenville Big Reds for donating to Michael's Meanies at Wheeling Island Stadium

November 13th 2013, WKKX had Michael on the air talking about the Meanies and his battles with cancer and some stories with great jokes, you can hear the entire interview Here

November 21st 2013, Madison School invited Michael to see their participation in making Michael's Meanies a reality, here is a linkto the pictures and videos.

November 23rd 2013, WPXI did a story on Michael and his Meanies the video is posted here.

November 29th 2013, The Wheeling Intelligencer had a Story about Madison School and their contribution to the Michael's Meanies Project

December 11th 2013, Pittsburgh City Paper is doing a weekly insert about Michael's Meanies

December 17th 2013, WPXI was there when Michael gave out the first Meanie to a child with cancer at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, The video is on the WPXI Page of this website

December 18th 2013, WTRF did a follow-up story on Michael receiving a small batch of "Meanies" to be given away before Christmas, Video is on the WTRF Page of this website

January 7th 2014, You can now "Buy-A-Meanie" to give as a gift for family and friends, but as always a cancer survivor will receive a "Meanie" for free

February 7th 2014, Wheeling Park High School had a Michael's Meanies Day go to these pages for all the videos WKKX and WPHS and this one WTRF

February 9th 2014, This was the Big Day! we got 300+ members of TEAM MICHAEL together and we packaged up all the "meanies" it was a very special day for us and it will live in our memories for the rest of our lives, Here are the pages you can see what happened on this day. bag-a-meanie and WTRF and WTOV for coverage