We would like to thank Madison School for their major contribution in helping Michael's Meanies becoming a reality

We were invited to Madison School on Wheeling Island to see how they are contributing to the effort to make Michael's Meanies a reality. We would like to thank Mrs. Randolph and Mr. Kelly for giving us the guided tour.

Here is a video of Michael seeing the Display Case for the first time
This was recorded on November 21st 2013, our host is Mrs. Randolph and Mr. Kelly with Linda and Michael.

And here is Michael giving a short speech to the kids thanking them for being part of the Michael's Meanies Project


                               Here are some pictures of the event

                                 Michael in front of the display case

Michael posing by the classroom leader board (students raise money for the Meanies and on this wall each classroom is tabulated by the amount raised)

                              A wide picture of the Contribution Wall

                                    Michael and Principal Saunders

Here is the article that was in the Wheeling News-Register on
November 29th 2013

If you have trouble reading the article above, here is the same story from the Intelligencer

For the history buffs: Here's a picture of the "Red Building" in 1890