We would like to thank WTRF in helping get the word out about our Meanies.

February 9th 2014, WTRF covered the packaging of the "meanies" where we had over 300 members of TEAM MICHAEL get the work done

WTRF did a story about Michael's Meanies Day at Wheeling Park High School on February 7th 2014
December 18th 2013, WTRF did a follow-up story on Michael and his first delivery of "The Meanies" We would like to thank Laurie Conway for an excellent job on covering this story
Click here to be taken to WTRF's website about this story
WTRF 7 News Sports Weather - Wheeling Steubenville
On October 24th 2013, on the TV 7 news it might as well been called the Michael's Meanies Show.
Here's the video from the 11:00pm broadcast.

This is WTRF TV 7 on October 16th 2013 covering my check presentation from WPHS and the ACS Youth Board

 And here is a link to the WTRF Website with the story about Michael

And WTRF's Facebook entry about Michael's Meanies